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Heerlijk Wild van bij ons !

De mooie herfstperiode met zijn wild is weer aangebroken, Dierendonck selecteert weer bij zijn vaste jagers en vrienden uit de Ardennen om zijn klanten het mooiste en lekkerste wild te kunnen aanbieden, een grote polder haas geheel of versneden, Fazant hen en haan, elk heeft  zijn voorkeur en daarnaast mooi geschoten hert uit de Ardennen die voor de fijnproevers zijn, ook onze chefs van Carcasse  zijn alvast bezig met lekkere civets en de charcutiers haalden hun kunsten boven, ze volgen nog steeds de recepten van vader Raymond, puur, simpel en vooral met veel wild als heerlijk voorrecht met onze huisgemaakte...

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Recipe: Belgian Red Short Ribs

Beef - 24 hours - serves 4 to 6 Ingredients 2 onions 4 cloves of garlic 4 carrots thyme laurel 4 fatty beef ribs olive oil 400 ml beef stock, reduced pepper coarse salt thyme rosemary 750 ml local dark beer 300 g butter Equipment oven oven dish or roasting pan Arrange the ribs in a large oven dish. Cover them with the onions, crushed garlic, carrots, salt and pepper, olive oil, some good beer (go on, have a sip!) and a splash of beef stock. Distribute the butter evenly over the ribs. Leave everything to braise very slowly in...

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Ageing meat is a new trend - Maturer, c'est nouveau chez nous

Meat should be aged, but not for long... Four to six weeks is all it takes for a nice côte à l’os steak. It took five years of experimenting with the ageing process before I was satisfied with the result. I knew ageing would help bring the flavours out, but it’s not as easy as all that. Everything starts with the animal you decide to buy. You want a purebred animal. Real fine cattle. Not raised on silage or artificially fattened, because then the fibres get bloated. You want an animal that’s been grazing in the open air. And it...

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Farmer in the spotlight - Noël Vandecasteele - Eleveur à la une

The Vandecasteele family and the Belgian Red go back a long way. “It all started right after World War I, when my grandfather nipped across the border to Cassel and bought a cow called Monie,” Noël recalls. “Because of the war, there were very few cows left and many people went hungry.”Monie and Noël’s grandfather have long since passed away, but the pair laid the foundations for a family farm that is still going strong today. “The fifty-odd animals I keep here today are all direct descendants of Monie. We’ve kept the tradition alive.” Noël was the one who convinced...

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Oedslach - The taste of yesteryear - Le goût d'antan

We dubbed the finest, choicest cut of meat we have Oedslach®, as an ode to my father and our craft. It’s a taste that brings back memories... A taste you simply have to try. When I was a child, my brother and I would sometimes play hide-and-seek in my parents’ butcher’s shop. And yes, sometimes we’d hide in the fridge, among the carcasses. We’d breathe in the smell of meat ageing in a refrigerator full of cork, cement and wood . That refrigerator had been used as an ageing cabinet for more than twenty years, which lent a unique flavour...

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