Welcome to Carcasse, a restaurant run by a butcher who never wanted a restaurant

Or, to use the mother of all clichés: never say never. Hendrik Dierendonck swore he’d never open a restaurant in his lifetime, as he felt it was a very different trade from being a butcher, the trusted craft he was born and raised to take on. But Hendrik is always on the lookout for opportunities. And when an opportunity does arise, he seizes it with both hands.

Diners at Carcasse sit down to eat at large, inviting tables, where they’ll find the distinctive red-and-white chequered tea towels traditionally found in a butcher’s shop rather than run-of-the-mill linen napkins. The place instantly calls to mind an authentic butcher’s shop – carcasses, meat hooks, knives, whole hams, even those quintessential squares of white faience tiling, a decor that goes wonderfully well with the building’s rugged, industrial, concrete interior.

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