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What customers are saying

If you are looking for the best you can get, this is the place to be Always super service and top quality food

What customers are saying

Delivered quickly, clearly, practically and neatly! Chapeau 🎩

What customers are saying

Very tasty, perfectly delivered. Great, definitely worth repeating

What customers are saying

Currently top quality! Top fan! Super meat and delivery.

- W.H.
What customers are saying

Doesn’t get any easier! The webshop is very easy to navigate. Delivery was smooth, everything was perfectly packaged – like a gift! Prime quality meat. You’d be hard pressed to find any better. Warmly recommended!

Enrico V.
What customers are saying

The products were delivered perfectly and chilled. The taste is of another level, this is not just any burger. The taste of the meat and the burger are juicy and strong.The products were delivered perfectly and cooled. The taste is of a different level, this is not just any hamburger. The taste of the meat and the burger are juicy and strong.

What customers are saying

I saw your stories this morning when I had just woken up and I was already watering down 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😅

What customers are saying

As always great! We were very satisfied with the content, packaging and delivery. Dierendonck is really TOP.

What customers are saying

Beautiful products


Products was super packed for transport and kept cool. The quality of the meat was top and nicely vacuum-packed, which means that the meat is well preserved. Nice folder with clear invoice and thank you word

We will definitely order again


What customers are saying

Get a short message to let you know that I just had tears of emotion after eating a de contrefilet Oedslach. Amai, so delicious. Thank you for this wonderful piece of meat.

Y. B.
What customers are saying

Pure rock 'n roll. Keep up the good work, guys!! 🔥

Kris D.
What customers are saying

Very good meat! Quantity and quality. Great choice and well packed and chilled package. I would recommend it. And grouped order to avoid shipping costs. 🥩🥓❤

What customers are saying

Tasty, neat, stylishly delivered, a party in itself.

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Ateliers Dierendonck

The story of Dierendonck began in 1970, when the first butcher’s shop opened its doors. Since then, the brand has become a household name, with branches all over Belgium. A steady growth, driven by a strong team.

Restaurant Carcasse

There’s a story behind Dierendonck’s meat. Where is it from, how was it raised? From the moment the meat leaves the butcher’s shop until it finds its way onto diners’ plates at Carcasse.

The Butchers’ Culture

At Dierendonck, we’re passionate about meat – a philosophy that can be summarised in three values. Craft, terroir and passion are everything to us. Seamlessly fusing tradition and innovation.

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