Menapii: Hand-Cut Rustic Sausage with Herbs


For 2000 long years, it looked like the Menapian pig would remain forgotten for good. That is, until historical sources and the sudden discovery of a trove of untouched bones caught the interest of a handful of ardent pork aficionados. After years of cross-breeding, dietary experiments and scientific research in collaboration with Ghent University, Ruben Brabant and Hendrik Dierendonck managed to bring the breed back to life.

A rich, full-bodied flavour, nicely laced with fat and firmly textured: the Menapian pig not only looks different this time around. It also tastes different. By which we mean better! Its free-range lifestyle and unique diet of lentils and old grain varieties lend the meat its rich complexity.
We’ve added fresh herbs to this rustic sausage, as well as bits of homemade pork lardo.

Sold in batches of 1kg.

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