Fresh pulled lamb burger

Fresh pulled lamb burger


For 6 burgers

  • 1 shoulder of lamb from Lozère
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 4 shallots
  • 25g thyme
  • 12g garam masala

Our recipe

Dive into the tradition of slow cooking with our pulled lamb burgers, a tribute to the rich flavour of lamb shoulder. This part of the lamb, known for its intense flavour, becomes perfectly tender when cooked at low temperature for hours. The tradition of slow-cooking the meat over glowing coals, where the meaty flavours mingle with a spicy rub of garlic, shallot, thyme, and garam masala, is a culinary technique that defies time.

These pulled lamb burgers are a modern ode to the cooking skills of our ancestors, gently pulling meat off the bone for enjoyment. Prepare for a dish that is not only deeply rooted in our culinary history, but also delights with its rich, complex flavours. Perfect for an innovative barbecue experience or a cosy family meal.



  • Put a pan with butter on low heat and add a few cloves of garlic, coarsely chopped shallot and sprigs of thyme. Brown the shoulder in the pan with butter.
  • Place the lamb shoulder in an oven dish, add a dash of olive oil and then place in the oven at 110 °C for 3 hours, allowing the meat to cook low & slow.
  • Arrose the meat every half hour to keep it juicy and tender. Cover the oven dish with aluminium foil for the last half hour.
  • After 3 hours, prick the meat occasionally to check if it is cooked. If the meat detaches easily from the bones, it is ready.
  • Once the meat is cooked, strain the cooking liquid and keep it aside for later. Now you can start picking the meat. Take care as it can get hot on your hands.
  • Put the plucked meat in a pan. Add the cooking liquid and garam masala. Briefly fry the meat in the pan to make it a touch crispier.

Finishing touch

Bread your fresh burger buns with the Butcher's Sauce and spread the pulled lamb on top. Finish with a honey mustard sauce and fried greens.


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