White tripe with flambéed apple compote

White tripe with flambéed apple compote


Voor 2 servings

  • 4 tripes

  • 2kg stewed apples

  • 50g fine sugar

  • 100g butter

  • Calvados

  • thyme

Our recipe

White tripe, also called white pudding or 'boudin blanc', is the guilty pleasure of a lot of people. Yet many do not know exactly what is in it.  However, there is nothing complicated about a tripe.

Firstly, it depends on the quality of the pig. After all, some fat is not like others. Next, you have to find the right balance between all the ingredients. But finally, it is also just a matter of flavour. There are as many types of tripe as there are charcutiers.

For boudin blanc, you use lean white meat: veal, chicken or pieces of lean pork. You add fat, cream, butter or pork fat, eggs and milk. You put all that in the cutter. You season the whole thing and make sure you have a fine mixture. This is important. To speak of tripe, there has to be pork in it. For the fat, I take coarse pork mince and a bit of pressed head. Onions, milk, spices and then the emulsion.

For a full meal, just add some apples, as if it came straight from our grandmother's kitchen. A tasty dish and the ideal comfort food!


    • Peel and dice the apples
    • Melt the butter and stew the apples
    • Add the sugar and caramelise briefly
    • Flambé the calvados - don't forget to turn off the cooker hood
    • Make sure the apples are still crunchy
    • Melt butter on low heat in the pan
    • Fry the sausages until crispy on the outside and hot on the inside
    • Serve with the apples and finish with fresh thyme


White tripe should be eaten hot. Take them out of the fridge two hours before frying. You fry them quickly in frying pan or a la plancha. For the quick bite, just serve them on a piece of fresh farmhouse bread. Delicious!


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