Artist Frying Pan by BEKA



- Purest form of frying 

This Beka frying pan won the prestigious international “Red Dot Award”. It seduced the jury with a successful combination of aesthetic appearance and incomparable functionalities.

This high-quality range adapts to the type of chef who wants to return to the purest form of cooking. Made of carbon steel, the Artist is the perfect choice for those who want to cook and fry with pure and durable materials.The hammered pattern depicts the art of crafting metal as it has been done for thousands of years and allows optimal contact when frying food.

Artist is a beautiful range dedicated to passionate chefs. The natural patina layer on the blue carbon steel pan is constantly improving. The darker the colouring, the more effective the non-stick layer.

Available in two sizes:


- Durable materials, no chemicals (carbon steel) 
- 100% Pfas-free with a natural non-stick patina
- Excellent heat conductor
- Pre-seasoned and immediately ready for use
- Heat-resistant handle (stainless steel)
- Suitable for all heat sources, including induction, bbq and oven 


NOTE: not suitable for the dishwasher, hand wash only. 
Avoid using acids. (e.g. vinegar, lemon, tomato,...) 
This is to protect the natural patina layer.



They say we are what we eat. 
I believe I am how I cook.

Pure. Persistent.
Charred by cinders,
yet endlessly tender.

You could say I get better with time.

I’m guided by two things only:
an artist's quest for refinement 
and a simple man's appetite. 

Like a blacksmith hammering his iron,
I weld my life in the fires of my kitchen. 
Passion is my forge, the steel pan my anvil.

I'll be damned if I bend

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