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We dubbed the finest, choicest cut of meat we have Oedslach®, as an ode to my father and our craft. It’s a taste that brings back memories... A taste you simply have to try.

James Byron uniquely tastes, describes and evaluates meat from the world's leading growers and producers to provide his readers with a reliable and always independent guide to this fantastic product. The must have for every epicurean and meat lover.

"With the Oedslach brand, master butcher Hendrik Dierendonck not only pays tribute to his father, but also presents a quality of meat that we have only very rarely been able to taste in Europe. Oedslach - meat terroir at its best!" - James Byron

Oedslach hails from an age when we didn’t focus on animal breeds, but instead lovingly laid aside particular cuts of meat to hang up and age.

These cuts were selected for their colour, marbling, aroma, consistency and structure,
then aged according to timeworn traditions and our own unique, contemporary ageing process!

Weight: The sirloin is cut from the short loin, which makes for a leaner cut than the côte à l'os. It has been completely deboned and is an ideal size for two.

Origin: Belgium and the Netherlands

Maturation: 8 weeks 

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Oedslach - The taste of yesteryear


Oedslach - The taste of yesteryear

We dubbed the finest, choicest cut of meat we have...

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Dierendonck OEDSLACH - ode aan m'n vader ReviewDierendonck OEDSLACH - ode aan m'n vader ReviewDierendonck OEDSLACH - ode aan m'n vader Review

Heel puur, smaakvol en heerlijk mals vlees. Je proeft als het ware de trots en vakmanschap!

Ik heb het stuk wat laten marmeren (50 minuten op 50 graden) , gekruid en dan relatief kort op de Oklahoma BBQ gebakken. Overheerlijk!!

Steven V.
Belgium Belgium

Fantastisch stuk vlees! Zoveel smaak en prachtige textuur.

Mooi stuk, keurig verpakt, top kwaliteit in bereiding (reverse sear op kamado).

Rogier H.
Netherlands Netherlands

alles was prima, zoals altijd!

Perfect en correct

Hendrik R.
Belgium Belgium

Zoals altijd: UITSTEKEND!

We zijn en blijven vaste klanten. Gekoeld toesturen van een bestelling verloopt probleemloos.

Michel B.
Belgium Belgium

Extra kwaliteit, kookadvies gevolgd en super top

Uitstekend, zonder probleem

chantal b.
Belgium Belgium
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