WAGYU grade A5+


Needless to say, this is a real delicacy. Wagyu literally means 'Japanese meat' and it is only since a few years that it has been permitted to export this imperial meat from Japan to the rest of the world. Our meat comes from the 'Japanese Black', which is farmed in the Kagoshima prefecture.

Weight: Packed per 220-240gr

Origin: Japan

Preparation method: Wagyu is not prepared in the same way as we prepare a "normal" entrecôte. It is best to prepare Wagyu up to "à point". The cuts are therefore much thinner than the normal 3-5cm we are used to. By preparing them à point, all the fat melts and the meat releases all its aromas.

Also look up the traditional recipes "Sukiyaki" or "Shabu Shabu". It will give you inspiration and ensure that you will enjoy this succulent piece in the best possible way!

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