Get ready for Dierendonck's smashburger, a burger that transforms the traditional burger experience. Our smashburger is about innovation in the kitchen and the art of perfect frying. By flattening the meat during frying, we create an unparalleled texture - a thin disc that caramelises beautifully on both sides. This technique creates an irresistible crispy crust, while the inside remains deliciously juicy and unctuous.

The combination of the crispy texture with the rich, deep flavours of the high-quality meat makes every bite a feast. Served in a soft, slightly sweet brioche bun, it is the perfect match for an unforgettable meal.
Ideal for a quick lunch or casual dinner. Try it out and experience for yourself why the smashburger has become all the hype!

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This product is not available for delivery on Monday.

This product is not available for delivery on Tuesday.


Packed per 4 pieces
Weight per burger: 80g.


Beef (80% meat, 20% fat), salt 



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