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De Kruiderie is an organic herb farm in Beernem where hundreds of species of herbs and edible flowers show themselves from their best side every season. In this green paradise, the herbs are grown and mixed for four exclusive herbal blends that you can only find in the shops of Dierendonck.

The herbs are grown and processed by employees of the social enterprise Footstep. Our employees are people who cannot (yet) find a job on the regular labour market,' says Luc De Zaeyer. The green surroundings are a relief for many. Putting their hands in the ground, watching the seeds grow into plants, harvesting the herbs: these are activities that bring peace. The precision work of putting seed by seed into the ground is a blessing for one person, while another prefers to tackle the weeds.

The chefs and herbalists who work for the company know exactly how to make a balanced blend from the carefully cultivated herbs. One of these blends was created by a chef with Iranian roots who arrived in Belgium as a refugee. He was inspired by the flavours of his homeland and the mix was spot on from the very first time. Not only do the jars of herbs taste delicious, they also look beautiful because of the many edible flowers mixed in. We created the mixes each time with a type of meat in mind, so there is a mix especially for chicken, one for pork and another for beef. As icing on the cake, we made a spicy rub for when you get going on the BBQ.'

We offer 3 types:

  • Rub-it Slowly:
    • An all-round rub for beef and pork. To cook your meat slightly sweet, spicy and slow. American BBQ taste
  • La Fraîcheur:
    • A finely ground spice blend with a refreshing new flavor. Gives extra finesse to your meat dishes.
  • Oriental Boogie:
    • For an nice round and smooth taste in your oriental dishes. Delicious with lamb or chicken.



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