Wild duck


Wild duck, the essence of game poultry. This 100% natural meat is a real treat for foodies. It comes from wild ducks that live freely in nature and feed on a varied diet of aquatic animals and green food from the water. This lifestyle gives the meat a powerful and aromatic flavour that immediately transports you into the duck's natural world. By the way, due to its heavy exercise, the animal is very lean and well bloodied, leading to a red to dark red colour.

Wild duck meat already has so much flavour naturally that it doesn't need much extra. A touch of salt and pepper is often enough to bring out its complex flavours. This makes cooking with mallard duck simple yet extremely elegant.

This wild duck goes perfectly with a range of flavours. Try it with a sweet counterpart such as rhubarb, cooked carrots, caramelised chicory or cranberry compote for an unforgettable taste experience. Or venture into a classic: duck breast with orange sauce, where the citrusy notes subtly highlight the duck's wild aromas.


  • from September 15 to February 10
  • Delivered on Friday and Saturday
  • Wild ducks are vacuum-packed directly from our supplier to guarantee absolute freshness. 

Sold per piece +- 750g/piece

Preparation Tip:

Cook the duck preferably on the carcass, then there is much less tension on the meat.

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