Pâté casserole



Our pâté casserole is an artisan masterpiece, handmade in Soufflenheim, (Alsace) by the renowned Poterie Siegfried Burger & fils, who have been renowned for their craftsmanship since 1842.

This ceramic pot is versatile and available in three different colours. Perfect for the true hobby chef, the family man, the entertainer and anyone who wants to bring home the delicious flavours of Alsace. Whether you want to make your own pâté, prepare a haché parmentier from the oven, prepare a game ragout, or try an authentic baeckeoffe, this pot is your dream partner.

Inspired by dishes from The Butcher's Book or restaurant Carcasse, this ceramic pot allows you to prepare the most delectable oven dishes. Enjoy the authentic flavours and traditional craftsmanship of Alsace with our pâté pot.

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24cm L x 15cm W x 6cm D

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