Indian Lamb Curry



Our Indian lamb curry invites you to a deep dive into the rich culinary traditions of India, bringing together a diversity of spices from the East with great care. The combination of fresh carrots and spinach with our homemade curry forms the basis of this dish. The addition of coconut milk forges a sophisticated bridge between the intense spiciness and a soothing creaminess, offering a complex flavor experience.

The careful selection and preparation of each ingredient are aimed at enhancing the natural flavors, with special attention to the lamb, which elegantly takes the lead role. An ode to authentic Indian curry, adapted with a subtle Western touch, this dish is intended for the true culinary lover who values quality, authenticity and depth of flavor.

This Indian lamb curry embodies our passion for bringing worlds together within one dish, and is an invitation to lose yourself in a flavorful adventure. It is more than a meal; it is an experience that celebrates the spirit of Indian cuisine, made accessible by Dierendonck to foodies everywhere.



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lamb (45%), water, carrots, spinach, SMOKE, BUTTER, herbs & spices (MOSTERD), coconut extract, gelling agent (E435), salt, maltodextrin, chicken fat, chicken meat, modified potato starch, aroma, onion, coloring agent (E150c), rosemary extract, yeast extract, potato starch, LACT sugar, rice starch

Nutrional value per 100g

Energy 525 kJ / 126 kcal
Fats 8,3 g
Of which saturated 4,7 g
Carbohydrates 2,7 g
Of which sugars 1,5 g
Proteins 9,8 g
Salt 0,33 g



  • Milk
  • Mustard


Preserve in a cold place: 0-4°C 

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