Week of the Short Chain

From May 13 to 21, "Week van de Korte Keten" will once again take place, during which we will highlight the tasty richness of our own terroir all over Flanders.

Fair, sustainable food has long since ceased to be a whim. We increasingly dwell on the importance of the origin of our food. The direct interaction between producer and consumer we ensure fresh products with pure, honest flavours.

This week therefore seems like the perfect time for you to discover our West-Vlaams Rood beef and Menapii pig, the ultimate examples of the short chain. Shop on our webshop until May 21 and receive a 5% discount on all the products below from these legendary breeds.

Hamburger Meat Lover by Dierendonck 13 Reviews
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West-Vlaams Rood - Côte à l'os 1,2kg
West Flanders Red 11 Reviews
From €31,00
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Flank Steak 2 reviews
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West Flanders Red Rump Steak 6 reviews
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West Flanders Red Beef Stew Meat 6 reviews
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Menapii: Hand-Cut Rustic Sausage with Herbs
Menapii: Hand-Cut Rustic Sausage with Herbs 1 review
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West Flanders Red Extra Roast Beef 2 reviews
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Peeled Steak West Flanders Red
Peeled Steak West Flanders Red 5 reviews
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MENAPII: hand-cut, seasoned mince
MENAPII: hand-cut, seasoned mince 2 reviews
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Menapii: Tomapunk
Menapii: Tomapunk 5 Reviews
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Oxtail West Flanders Red 1 review
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Nose-To-Tail Box beef 2 reviews
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