This cattle breed is somewhat similar to the Belgian Red, but its meat tends to be more marbled and, as a result, creamier. We purchase our cows from a small-scall cooperative in Normandy, the birthplace of calvados and cider. Normandes are bred for both their meat and their milk, with the latter often used to make Livarot and Camembert cheese. That’s also why these cattle tend to be a bit older, about six or seven years. By then, the structure of their meat has become somewhat coarser, firmer and more marbled, which is why we age it for at least four weeks. Aged Normande beef packs a bit more punch and acquires a more powerful flavour.

The sirloin is cut from the short loin, which makes for a leaner cut than the côte à l'os. It has been completely deboned and is an ideal size for two.

aged for 4 weeks

Which cut

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