Casual Giftbox


Discover our Casual Giftbox, put together to indulge your taste buds during the upcoming holidays. We have put this box together for you with the utmost care. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for friends and family or just want to treat yourself, this box will suit any occasion.

Imagine how your loved ones' eyes will twinkle upon opening this beautiful gift box, full of high-quality, long-lasting products. The fleur de sel adds a touch of sophistication to any dish, while our special spice mix 'Rub it Slowly' guarantees a taste explosion. Hendrik's Wieners are perfect for sharing or just keeping to yourself. Our mild olive oil adds a subtle, fruity touch to your culinary creations, and the pate pot is not only a true work of art, but a must-have for the amateur chef.

This Casual Giftbox is an expression of affection and appreciation for those around you, and it's also a chance to indulge your own taste buds during this special time of year. It is the perfect gift idea for those who love quality and taste.

Composition of the box:

1x Fleur de Sel
1x Herb mix 'Rub it Slowly
1x Hendrik's Wieners
1x Olive oil mild - 250ml
1x Pâté pot

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