Hot Sauces Maison Martin



These Maison Martin hot sauces are made in France and have of course, fresh French peppers as the main ingredient. What makes them just unique is the nice smoky and spicy edge. A great hot sauce to accompany your favorite piece of meat. 

Content: 100 ml

Hot sauce Hegoa (force 3/12)

Pure sauce with 100% raw Gorria peppers;
Sweet and spicy, with good taste of the Basque Country.
Lightly season your vegetables, pasta, rice, meat, eggs or fish.

Hot sauce Foudre (force 9/12)

A sauce with an intense roast that reveals vibrant fruity aromas. THE PERFECT ILLUSTRATION OF THE KISSCOOL EFFECT ! Universally suitable for spicy lovers.

Hot sauce Mistral (force 4/12)

Moderately spicy sauce with subtle notes of garlic, oregano and rosemary. A FIRST CLASS TRIP TO PROVENCE IN THE MOUTH. Goes well with pasta, pizza, fish, meat, vegetables, rice, eggs.

Hot sauce Sirocco (force 7/12)

Pulpy sauce with a pronounced pungency, pleasantly smoky and spicy.  THE BEST OF AMERICA AND MEXICO, AY CARAMBA! Delicious with roasted or grilled meats, hamburgers, fries, chips, dips, enriches your sauces.

Hot sauce Tonnerre (force 8/12)

Intense hot sauce with tropical fruit notes. A TOUCH OF THUNDER ON YOUR PLATE. Universally suitable for spicy lovers.

Hot sauce Zephir (force 4/12)

Pulpy sauce with moderate spiciness, pleasantly smoky and spicy. IMAGINE, THE PERFECT DATE BETWEEN A HOT KIND AND A BBQ KIND ! Delicious with roasted or grilled meat, hamburgers, fries, chips, dips, it enriches your sauces. 


*force= degree of spiciness 



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