Dierendonck Family Cleaver by Tomer Botner



Florentine Kitchen Knives made a personalized cleaver for Hendrik Dierendonck, a knife that reminds me of the old days.... Tomer Botner is a young designer from Tel-Aviv, who designs and creates handmade knives for celebrity chefs from all over the world....

The unique, limited edition cleaver will soon be available with basic & luxury packaging. 
The luxury packaging is an edition that will be made once for the end of year celebrations. 

The packaging is made by Mathias from Grains. The basic packaging is in birch and the deluxe packaging in solid oak. It is tailor-made for this cleaver and can also serve as a stylish cutting board. Ideal Christmas gift therefore ;-)

PRE-ORDERS ARE POSSIBLE - Delivery from December. 

How does pre-ordering work?*

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* We do not accept orders via mail or phone. The only way to order this machete is to subscribe to the list through this way. 

** As soon as we receive your payment, you will be sure of your place on the pre-order list. 



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