Alfa Forni - One


Ten years after the launch of the first Inox wood oven, we present you the ONE. The new compact wood-burning oven from Alfa Forni. Bring this compact, light (only 50 kg) and sophisticated design to your home. In just 10 minutes and with a minimum of wood consumption, you fire the oven from 0-500°. Fast, efficient and portable. Let the party begin!


Warm up the oven 15 minutes before you want to eat.

Make 250 grams of dough balls 3 hours before. Roll these out, top with the desired ingredients and bake at 500°.

Bake the pizza in 90 seconds by turning it a few times so that all sides are covered.

Take the pizza out of the oven, cut it and that's it. You are the pizza chef par excellence!


The oven is available with or without a base: 

Without base: 

Dimensions: 73x55x105h cm

Baking surface: 60x40 cm

With base:

Dimensions: 73x55x193h cm

Baking area: 60x40 cm

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